Lonesome Hollow offers hearty hot breakfasts, served family style, for guests who stay in our B&B rooms.

Coffee and tea are available 24/7 at our coffee buffet. Here you will also find an afternoon cookie or scone as a reward for walking our trails. Soft drinks and Brita filtered water are available anytime in the common area refrigerator.

Hot breakfasts always include coffee & tea, juice, fresh fruit, and a hearty main entree. Meat is either served separately or is included in the main dish. Warm pastries accompany many of the breakfasts. A wide variety of French toasts, surprising casseroles, and quiches are included in Nora’s repertoire. She uses fresh ingredients, locally grown if possible and often organic.

We have become avid fans of Organic Valley, the nation’s largest organic food cooperative. Organic Valley’s world headquarters is located in the Kickapoo Valley only 30 minutes north of us. Many of our neighbors are organic farmers and suppliers of wholesome foods to Organic Valley.

Do you have a special dietary need? We take pride in our ability to accommodate guests with food allergies and dietary restrictions or preferences. Please just let us know what your special dietary needs are at least a couple of days before your stay at Lonesome Hollow.

Breakfast is not the only reason to gather in the morning at Lonesome Hollow. We love to see a group come together, talk about the day ahead, learn about the splendid offerings of the Kickapoo Valley and the Driftless Area. Meals are a time to fill the mind and the soul as well as the body. Please join us.