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Canoeing and Kayaking in the Kickapoo River Valley

Winter snows lend themselves wonderfully to fun and exciting adventures, for those willing to bundle up and step outside to brave the elements.  But all of that snow has other benefits, too.  Come spring, the shining suns brightens our days and  melts the snowpack, filling the beautiful rivers with the water we need for spring and summer adventure on the water.  Winding their way along the valley floors of Driftless Wisconsin are three beautiful rivers; the Mississippi River, the Kickapoo River, and the Wisconsin River.  During the spring and summer, these majestic waterways open themselves up to exploration and relaxation.  The waters found in the Driftless Area are varied, and allow for exciting adventures for the true outdoor enthusiast, or relaxing paddles for families or those just discovering the world of canoeing and/or kayaking.  Book your room at our relaxing Driftless Wisconsin Vacation Rental today, and come explore the majestic beauty of the Kickapoo River Valley from a completely new angle.

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Visit The Best of Wisconsin’s Amish Country

Many visitors to the state of Wisconsin, and the Driftless Area in particular, are here to discover and enjoy life at the slower, quieter pace that is inevitably found here.  For most, this enjoyment comes from hiking through the wooded hills, biking leisurely along the country roads, viewing wildlife in and around wildlife sanctuaries, or simply soaking up the culture in the small farms and towns that dot the region.  Another wonderful way to spend a quiet day in the country is to visit the many Amish farms found in the region, where you can find exquisite hand-made Amish goods.  Stay at our Wisconsin Vacation Rental, situated in the heart of the Driftless Area, and you’ll be conveniently located near our region’s Amish settlements.

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Popular Wisconsin Hiking Trails in the Driftless Area

Now that warmer and sunnier days are in our forecasts throughout the state of Wisconsin, it’s time we start looking outdoors for fun adventures and things to do.  Our Vacation Rental is located in Soldiers Grove, right in the heart of the Driftless Area; a region known for its unique, starkly contrasting, and beautiful landscapes.  Many of us don’t need excuses to get out and enjoy nature’s bounty, but if you need a little inspiration to strap on those hiking boots, then hitting the trails to explore these unique landscapes is exactly what you’re looking for.  Book your room at our Wisconsin Vacation Rental, and embark on a hiking journey through the Driftless Area that will leave you thirsting for future adventures.

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