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Biking Your Way Through the Driftless Region

Wisconsin’s Driftless Regoon has become an epicenter of cycling throughout the Midwest.  It’s no wonder why, when you take a moment to look around you at the beautiful and steep hills and narrow valleys that make up the unique landscapes of Driftless Wisconsin.  In certain parts of the Driftless region, bikers can enjoy 100 miles of scenic beauty, running into few cars along the way.  Here, you’ll find a wonderful selection of challenging hills, flat valley bottoms, and your choice of eight rails-trails from which to choose when creating your perfect Wisconsin biking adventure.  After a long day on the roads or trails, there’s no better way to relax than getting a restful night of sleep at the Lonesome Hollow Homestead, located in the heart of Wisconsin’s Driftless Region.  Book your stay with us now, and get started on your Driftless biking adventure.

Driftless Region Biking Trails

Once you’re in the Driftless region, there are an abundance of biking trails and roads to choose from.  Located in the heart of the Driftless Region is the Elroy-Sparta trail, which was the first Rails to Trails Project in America.  This beautiful 32 mile long trail is perfect for family outings, and remains one of the most popular biking trails in the country.  Travel the length of this trail, and you’ll travel through three tunnels, and connect to a possible 101 miles of other Wisconsin biking trails.  A popular connecting trail in the area is the LaCrosse River State Trail, featuring 21.5 miles of scenic beauty and history.

Many trails are located within easy reaching distance of our Wisconsin bed and breakfast.  Crawford County has created nine different road tours for the biking enthusiast.  These wonderful routes feature the best the Driftless Region has to offer, including a stunning combination of country and township roads with unforgettable scenery.  A favorite here includes the 42 miles of the Wauzeka Corridor, which will take you in to the heart of the Kickapoo Valley, and down an unforgettable journey along the Kickapoo River.  If you’re up for a more challenging ride, try out the The De Soto loop, which ends with a steep hill climb, but a rewarding view out over the Mississippi River.  There are also five routes that begin in the Norwegian town of Westby, and include the following:  the Amish Tour, Ski Jump Tour, Kickapoo Valley Tour, West Fork Tour, and the Small Town Charm tour.  If you’ve come to the Driftless region for mountain biking, then don’t miss the great trails at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, Wyalusing State Park, and the new trails at Sidie Hollow County Park.  No matter your level of experience, a Driftless Area biking adventure is sure to thrill everyone.  We look forward to your stay with us at our Driftless Area Vacation Rental.