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Canoe Along the Scenic Rivers of the Driftless Area

Canoe Driftless AreaThe Driftless Area of Wisconsin is a unique region, defined by beautiful and dramatic bluffs that rise sharply in contract to the flat valleys below, which are criss-crossed by a network of rivers and streams. The great diversity of the landscapes found here provide the backdrop for a variety of outdoor recreation, from hiking, biking and birdwatching, to fishing and canoeing along the many rivers and streams.  When we say there is something for everyone in the Driftless Area, we mean it. To experience the serenity of this beautiful region, we recommend a scenic canoe trip along the stunning Driftless Area rivers that gracefully wind along the valley floors.  Book your room at our relaxing Vacation Rental in Soldiers Grove, and get ready to experience a deep sense of relaxation in the heart of Driftless Wisconsin.

The Most Scenic Destinations to Canoe in the Driftless Area

Just a short drive away from our little slice of the Driftless Area are three magnificent rivers:  The Mississippi River, the Wisconsin River, and the Kickapoo River.  Whether you want a multi-day journey through Driftless Wisconsin, or are looking for a nice sunny-day paddle, canoeing along any of these rivers will delight you.  Generally speaking, the Mississippi River is the least desirable water in the area for a gentle canoe due to the heavy boat traffic.  There is, however, a section in the Upper Mississippi River National Wildlife and Fish Refuge that is popular for canoeing and bird-watching.  The lower Wisconsin River also has plenty of calm water and sandbars, making it a great place for an afternoon canoe or kayak, and is also a spectacular place for wildlife and bird-watching.

Canoe Driftless AreaIf you want to see the most breathtaking scenery the Driftless Area has to offer, then we can’t recommend canoeing down the stunning Kickapoo River highly enough.  The Kickapoo River, which is one of the oldest river systems in the world, truly encompasses some of the most beautiful stretches of river found in the Driftless Area.  At the northern end of the river you’ll pass through Wildcat Mountain State Park, which is arguably the most scenic stretch of the Kickapoo River.  Here, the river has carved its course through steep sandstone bluffs that are now covered with moss, wildflowers, and other vegetation.  Continue south and you’ll pass through the beautiful Kickapoo Valley Reserve and past our town of Soldiers Grove, before eventually finding yourself among the beautiful rolling farmlands in the far southern reaches of the Kickapoo River, before it joins up with the Wisconsin River.  Whether you bring your own canoe or rent one from local liveries, hurry and book your room at our Vacation Rental today, and experience the beauty of Driftless Wisconsin rivers.