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Road Tour Through Beautiful Fall Foliage

Driftless Wisconsin Road Tour Fall FoliageFall is a stunning and much celebrated time of the year in the Driftless Area, whether you’re here for the fall harvest, the beautiful outdoors, or just the quiet hush that falls over us that time of year.  While there are many wonderful reasons to visit Driftless Wisconsin during the fall, there are perhaps none more spectacular than the fall foliage that paints the hills deep hues of red, orange, and gold. There are many different ways to experience the glory of fall. As our previous blog post suggests, a fall hike through the regional parks is a wonderful way to connect with nature and view the beautiful fall colors.  Or perhaps you’d rather take a bike ride along the scenic country roads, or get a completely different vantage point from the water.  One of the most popular ways to view a variety of fall foliage in the Driftless Area is to take a road tour through the area.  If the idea of hitting the open road, finding hidden small-town treasures and beautiful scenery along the way sounds like a great way to spend some time, then book your room at our Driftless Area Vacation Rental today.

Scenic Fall Foliage Road Tours

The Driftless Area in Wisconsin is home to many scenic country roads that offer willing visitors spectacular drives through fall foliage.  Travel along these quiet roads, and you’ll find farmsteads, beautiful natural landscapes, traditional and quickly disappearing round barns, Amish farms, and quaint towns and villages.  Those things in their own right make the drive worth it, but add to the drive the beautifully changing colors of the fall foliage, and you’ll find yourself blissfully enjoying your time in the Driftless Area.  Two of Wisconsin’s Rustic Roads, which are thoughtfully preserved portions of the state’s scenic, lightly-traveled country roads, are found here; Rustic Roads 55 and 56.  Both roads are found within Vernon County, and will give you a glimpse of historic, beautiful Wisconsin, which includes the beautiful vistas of Wildcat Mountain State Park, as well as Amish farms, log cabins, a round barn, and contour farming.

Road tour fall foliageWhile the short stretches of Rustic Roads 55 and 56 are certainly worth exploring, there are also some incredibly scenic byways nearby that put on a spectacular fall show.  Perhaps the most popular road tour destination is the Wisconsin Great River Road.  A drive along this beautiful stretch of road that follows the Mississippi River should be on everyone’s itinerary. The Great River Road offers a little bit of everything, with glimpses into regional history, as well as the scenic beauty as you travel along beside the soaring bluffs and beautiful vistas that this region is famous for.  From there, head to the Lower Wisconsin River Road.  You’ll be rewarded with spectacular fall foliage and color along this 100-mile road, which offers some of the best scenery in southwestern Wisconsin. Keep an eye on the fall color report, but book your room with us today so you don’t miss your chance to see Driftless Wisconsin in the fall.