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Last Chance Winter Getaway in the Driftless Area

Every winter in Wisconsin feels like it will never end. Rest assured though that Spring always shows up, and the chance to partake in the wonderful winter recreational opportunities in the Driftless Area will be lost for another year!  When milder temperatures are finally in the forecast, your opportunities for snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing throughout Wisconsin quickly come to an end.  Late winter/early spring is also the time of year where sugar maple trees are tapped, and wonderfully rich Wisconsin maple syrups are produced.  Stay with us at our Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin Vacation Rental, where you can experience a Driftless Area winter getaway filled with plenty of charm and adventure.

 Driftless Area Winter Getaway

Every season in Driftless Wisconsin provides ample options for those who enjoy being outdoors.  All you need is the proper gear and your imagination, and Driftless Wisconsin will be yours for the exploring!  Hikers will love the chance to explore beautiful trails in the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, Wildcat Mountain State Park, or Wyalusing State Park , and nature lovers can take in the quiet beauty of the Driftless landscapes underneath the watchful eyes of the abundant bald eagle populations.  No matter where you choose to go, the opportunities for adventure here are limitless.  If you stay at the Lonesome Hollow Homestead now, you’ll also be party to the wonderful tradition of tapping the local sugar maple trees.  Weather plays a critical role in the production of maple syrups, and variable weather lets us know it’s time!  Ideal sap runs occur when nighttime temperatures drop below freezing, and daytime temperatures reach 35-40 degrees.  Our neighbors tap up to 40 of the maple trees found on our 100 acre property every year.  From this, they can produce upwards of 50 gallons of maple syrup.  Take a taste of Driftless Wisconsin’s syrup home with you with some delicious Kickapoo Gold, or other products from the Maple Valley Coop’s online store.

Adventure is a wonderful and constant feature found in the Driftless Area, but it’s not all this unique region has to offer winter travelers.  Spend your winter getaway in the Driftless Area, nestled in our quiet, picturesque piece of Driftless Wisconsin.  Our little hollow, surrounded on 3 sides by the steep bluffs characteristic of the Driftless Area, is a small portion of the picturesque Kickapoo River Valley.    Rekindle or celebrate your romance snuggled up in front of our gas fireplaces, or take advantage of the whirlpool tubs available in some rooms at our Driftless Area Vacation Rental.  We can’t impress upon you enough the stark beauty of the Driftless Area; you’ll need to book your winter getaway to these stunning lands to experience it for yourself.