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Get a Taste a Driftless Wisconsin Agriculture

In Driftless Wisconsin, we often spend much of our time talking about the beautiful landscapes that surround us, and how these landscapes lend themselves to a wonderful variety of outdoor activities throughout the year.  However, outdoor adventure isn’t the only reason to spend some time in the Driftless Area, especially during the wonderful spring months. Agriculture has been a part of the culture in Driftless Wisconsin for decades, and has left an indelible mark on daily living that continues today.  Even though the agricultural landscape in Wisconsin is changing drastically, it stills remains a top-ranked state in organic agriculture.  In fact, Driftless Wisconsin is home to Organic Valley, the farmer-owned cooperative that pioneered organic food production.  Stay with us at our Driftless Wisconsin Vacation Rental, and take the opportunity to explore the proud past and optimistic future of Driftless Area agriculture.  

Driftless Wisconsin Agriculture Highlights

These days, agrotourism, which is loosely defined as an activity that brings visitors to a farm or ranch, is not the most obvious choice for travel itineraries.  However, with popular farm to table movements, and a focus on buying local and organic food products becoming more mainstream, agrotourism is rapidly growing in popularity.  In Driftless Wisconsin, you will find an abundance of farmers markets, community supported agriculture, and food cooperatives where you can sample the freshest local produce available.  Two of the most popular of these markets are Viroqua’s Farmer’s Market, and the Viroqua Food Coop, where they have a wonderful emphasis on the local food movement.  

Around the month of May, local food connoisseurs wait for one of the most coveted local delicacies to hit market shelves. It’s about that time of year where morel mushrooms should be popping up under dead elm and apple trees, just waiting to be harvested by local foraging enthusiasts.  Morel mushrooms are one of America’s favorite mushrooms, so whether you’re a beginning or experienced in the art of mushroom foraging, don’t miss your opportunity to find these tasty treats throughout the hills of Driftless Wisconsin.  Spring is also the perfect time to enjoy the beauty of the apple blossoms blooming throughout Driftless Wisconsin. A great way to see these beautiful blooms is to ride a bike along Highway 171, just east of Gays Mills.  We know that no matter it is you choose to do on your journey through the Driftless Area, you’ll find an abundance of delicious, fresh, and local food to keep you energized.  We look forward to your stay in beautiful Driftless Wisconsin.