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Spring Wildflowers Brighten Driftless Wisconsin Landscapes

When spring comes to the Driftless Area, everything comes to life.  The annual signs of spring that we all look forward to–the budding of vividly bright flowers and the emergence of green–apear.  For many of us, especially in Driftless Wisconsin, spring’s arrival ushers in an abundance of outdoor adventure.  While winters here are remarkably beautiful, full of exciting adventures to be had, and sure to please any traveler, there are even more reasons to visit the unique landscapes found in the Driftless Area this Spring.  Book your stay at our Driftless Wisconsin Vacation Rental now, and relish in the beautiful spring sights coming to life around you.

Many of the wonderful state parks in Driftless Wisconsin are open throughout the year, offering outdoor enthusiasts of all kinds plenty of opportunity for adventure.  However, these beautiful state parks also offer visitors to the Driftless Area a unique vantage point from which to watch spring unfold at their feet.  Take a splendid day hike on one of the trails in Wildcat Mountain State Park.  At the top, you’ll be rewarded with stunning views of the sprawling Kickapoo Valley, where the Kickapoo River winds its way along the valley floor.  Witness the strength and beauty of the confluence of the Wisconsin and Mississippi Rivers from atop the hills at Wyalusing State Park on beautiful trails such as Sentinel Ridge Trail or Point Lookout.  The three hiking-only trails within the Kickapoo Valley Reserve are also a wonderful place to view the beauty of spring emerging from the depths of winter.  In late April, the Reserve hosts a Spring Ephemerals Hike, which is one of the best places to not only see the rich mosaics of spring first hand, but to also learn about various natural communities that call Driftless Wisconsin home.

Residents of Driftless Wisconsin know that the beautiful Kickapoo Valley that we call home is a magical place to be during spring.  Take your time meandering along our steep bluffs and valleys, and you’ll have the chance to see over 300 species of rare plants and wildflowers, over 100 species of birds, and wide variety of wildlife.  Be sure to take a Wisconsin wildflower guide with you, and let us know how many beautiful varieties of wildflowers you can find on your journey through Driftless Wisconsin.  Among the varieties you could see are purple and yellow violets, bellwort, spring beauty, wood anemone, dutchmens’ britches, bloodroot, pussytoes, trillium, Greek valerian, and many more.  When you’ve had your fill of spring beauty, come back and relax at our charming and comfortable Driftless Wisconsin Vacation Rental. You won’t want to miss spring in the Driftless Area.  Book your room now, and see firsthand the stunning beauty of our rugged landscapes.