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Fall Bird Migration Along the Mississippi River

Fall Bird Migration Driftless AreaIn Driftless Wisconsin you’ll find steep bluffs rising in stark contrast to the beautiful river valleys that make up our unique region of southwestern Wisconsin.  A simple glance skyward during this time of year will reveal the many flocks of birds that make their way south during the fall bird migration.  Nestled along the historic Great River Road, Driftless Wisconsin is a bird watching enthusiast’s paradise.  Here you’ll find over 250 miles of incredible scenery and protected natural areas that provide the perfect habitat for birds during their fall bird migration.  In fact, the scenic overlooks along the Mississippi River offer some of the best places in North America to view majestic bald eagles.  If an afternoon spent overlooking this scenic beauty while you search the skies for the many migrating birds sounds appealing, then now is the time to book your room at our Vacation Rental, located in the heart of Driftless Wisconsin.

Driftless Wisconsin’s Fall Bird Migration

Over 300 species of birds have been spotted along the Great River Road, including Canadian geese, mallards, tundra swans, wood ducks, canvasbacks, and diving ducks such as redheads, buffleheads, and ruddy ducks.  In fact, the Audobon society claims that almost half of the continental population of canvasbacks uses the Mississippi Flyway as their migration route.  If you’d like to spot some of the forest birds that migrate through Driftless Wisconsin, then you’ll want to explore the Kickapoo River Wildlife Area or the wonderful Kickapoo Valley Reserve, which is designated an Important Bird Area by the Audobon Society.  Here, the fall bird migration includes such great birds as the red-shouldered hawk, Acadian flycatcher, wood thrush, cerulean warbler, and the Kentucky warbler.

Driftless Area Fall Bird MigrationThere is perhaps no fall activity more majestic or beautiful than the annual fall migration of the Tunda Swan. These beautiful birds breed in the Arctic Circle, but winter in warmer climates along the eastern seaboard between Maryland and South Carolina. These stunning birds fly up to 3,725 miles round trip between their distant habitats, and make this journey two times throughout the year. This annual fall bird migration begins in October, and peaks in mid-November, as the birds seek out their warmer winter homes.  There may be no sight more beautiful in the Driftless Area than these majestic birds, as they winter on the water and sleep afloat.  Enjoy their beauty as they take to the air with a running start, and listen for the flapping of the wings, which has earned them the nickname “whistling swan”.  Settle in this fall at our Driftless Area Vacation Rental, and enjoy what is sure to be another spectacular fall bird migration through the Mississippi Flyway.