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Road Touring through the Driftless Area This Spring

If you’ve never had a chance to experience the beauty of the Driftless Area in Wisconsin, then now is your perfect chance.  During spring, nature once again comes to life:  wildflowers emerge, wild critters scamper about, fish retur to the streams, and outdoor enthusiasts take advantage of the warmer seasons to come.  The Driftless Area, a land never touched by glaciers, is a picturesque land of beautifully sculpted forested hillsides and steep bluffs, contrasted with picturesque valleys criss-crossed by cold water streams.  We think one of the best ways to see the expansive beauty of the entire Driftless Area is to pack up the car and head off for a day of road touring along the rustic roads and scenic byways of Wisconsin.  Stay at our Driftless Area Vacation Rental, and from here hit the roads for a day of adventure throughout the stunning and unique landscapes of Driftless Wisconsin.

The state of Wisconsin has some beautiful roads that are part of the statewide Rustic Roads program, which was adopted by the state legislature in an effort to preserve lightly traveled scenic rural roads.  Along these leisurely drives through the countryside, you’ll find a collection of charming farmsteads and some of the most beautiful landscapes and colors in the state of Wisconsin.  Choose to meander along the river’s edge instead, and see how many Wisconsin bird species you can spot as they migrate along the Mississippi Flyway.  Stop in to visit quaint small towns, such as Viroqua or Prairie du Chien for a bite to eat or a small shopping adventure.

Both Rustic Road 55 and Rustic Road 56 are found in Vernon County.  Along Tunnelville Road, otherwise known as RR 55, you’ll find fields of beautiful trilliums lining the nearly 3 miles of road heralding in the spring.  Venture down RR 56, and you’ll see scenic views from Wildcat Mountain State Park and a sampling of Amish farms, log cabins, a round barn, and examples of contour farming.  For more extensive road touring in the Driftless Area, head to The Great River Road, part of the National Scenic Byways program.  Here, you’ll follow the Mississippi River as you enjoy history, bluff-top views, outstanding trails and over 33 charming river towns along this beautiful 250 mile stretch of road. Another wonderful stretch of highway for road touring is the Lower Wisconsin River Road, which follows the Wisconsin River for 100 miles from Lodi to Bridgeport/Prairie du Chien.  No matter where you choose to go road touring during your time in the Driftless Area, your trip is sure to capture the essence of rural Wisconsin, the scenic qualities of the Driftless Region and the splendor of the regional river valleys.  Book your stay at our rural Wisconsin Vacation Rental now, and get ready to embark on your journey this spring.