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Rural Shopping for the Holidays

Driftless Area rural shoppingWhen cool nights settle in around us and the trees lose the final remnants of their colorful fall displays, we welcome the first snows of winter.  With those beautiful first flakes of glistening white snow, we know, too, that the magic of another holiday season is upon us.  Though it may be cold outside, the holiday festivities in the charming towns of the Driftless Area and the warm glow from our fires are enough to keep us warm even on the coldest of winter days.  Treat yourself to a winter getaway to Driftless Wisconsin this year, and you’ll find that time spent here is a wonderful and relaxing way to kickoff the busy holiday season.  You may even find that the rural shopping opportunities found throughout the area will help you with your holiday shopping list.  Book your room at our Driftless Area Vacation Rental today, and discover a quieter Christmas in the Country.

Rural Shopping in the Driftless Area

Though the holidays bring with them their own kind of busy, it is a time to break from our chaotic schedules, and to get together with friends and family as we celebrate the traditions that have been bringing us closer together for years.  It may even be time to start new traditions, such as a rural shopping getaway to the Driftless Area, just in time to beat the true busy rush of the holidays.  Here, you won’t find the traditional big box stores.  Instead, you’ll find festively decorated, quaint shops waiting to sell you the often hand-crafted, locally made goods that our region takes such pride in. Nearby Viroqua is a wonderful shopping destination.  Popular places to find exquisite holiday gifts include VIVA Artists Cooperative, the fair-trade emporium, and the local bookstore.  Continue through the historic downtown, and you’ll also find antique stores, a knit shop, a fly shop for your favorite fisherman, a music store, and so much more.  A stroll along main street in Prairie du Chien will also reveal much-loved traditional shops, as well as new creative additions that will surely complete your Driftless Area holiday shopping experience.

On the treeThe wonderful rural shopping experience doesn’t stop in the local towns, though. Browse local farms or food cooperatives, and you’ll find some delicious local maple syrup, local honey, and home-canned jellies, jams, chutneys, salsas, and sauces.  A discussion of rural shopping in Driftless Wisconsin isn’t complete without mention of the Amish goods that can be found nearby. Take a drive through the scenic winter landscapes of Driftless Wisconsin in search of the Amish Farms, where you’ll be rewarded with a variety of goods for sale, including quilts, oak and willow furniture, rugs, other handmade goods and delicious candies. You can also head to the village of shops just outside of Cashton on State Highway 33. While you’re up there, you might as well pick up some delicious Wisconsin cheese at Pasture Pride Cheese.  Finally, there is perhaps no better way to share the joy of a Driftless Area holiday with someone you love, than to give them their own piece of Driftless Wisconsin. Help your friends and family discover the magic that awaits them any time of the year in the Driftless Area;  Book your winter shopping getaway with us today.