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Scenic Biking Routes in Driftless Wisconsin

Biking routes Driftless WisconsinWisconsin has been repeatedly ranked as one of the top bicycling destinations in the country.  Whether you’re looking for rugged mountain trails or challenging on-road biking routes, there is no better way to see the breathtaking countryside found in the Driftless Region than on a bike.  If  you’d rather spend your day navigating down quiet rural roads, passing through quaint country towns and some of the most beautiful scenery found in the midwest, then consider hopping on two wheels, and trying out some of the biking routes throughout the Driftless Region.  The biking-friendly culture of Wisconsin is un-paralleled, and the beauty of the Driftless Area will leave you wanting to come back time and time again, each time exploring a new corner of this stunning area.  Book your room at our peaceful Vacation Rental in Soldier’s Grove today, and start planning your biking routes around Driftless Wisconsin.

Driftless Wisconsin’s Best Biking Routes

Of the most common biking routes we recommend to guests are the 9 road tours created by Crawford County.  These biking routes are combinations of some of the lesser-known and certainly less traveled county and township roads throughout the county, and they take you right into the heart of Driftless Wisconsin’s scenic beauty.  At it’s core, these biking routes pass over the rolling hills of the Kickapoo River Valley.  From there, you can venture on to some of the more challenging community loops, and experience more of the quaint charm you expect from the Driftless Area.  All told, there are well over 100 miles of scenic riding to enjoy, just using these 9 routes.  From the Kickapoo Valley, you’ll also have access onto the 32-mile Elroy Sparta Trail, which features 3 beautiful tunnels and has the distinction of being the first “Rails-to-Trails” trail in the country.

biking routes Driftless WisconsinIf you’re looking for some more rugged terrain and a little more challenging of a ride, then head into the Kickapoo Valley Reserve or Wyalusing state park, where you’ll find several miles of mountain biking sure to give you a challenge. Kickapoo Valley Reserve alone has 24 miles of mountain biking trails to enjoy, where you’ll encounter steep uphill climbs, hairpin turns, and rapid descents through a variety of habitats. One of the benefits of exploring the reserve on 2 wheels is that you have the chance to explore hidden and remote areas rarely visited by other guests.  Book your room at our Vacation Rental today, and get ready to see the Driftless Area in a whole new way.