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Take Scenic Drives Through the Driftless Area

Scenic Drives Driftless Area WisconsinSometimes in the cooler months of fall, there’s nothing better than taking a scenic drive through the picturesque countryside, or winding your way through small towns, farmsteads, and the perfectly preserved wilderness.  Scenic drives are a spectacular way to experience an area and to discover new places for future explorations. There is no better place in Wisconsin for scenic drives than in the beautiful and rugged lands of the Driftless Area.  As you wind your way from town to town, enjoy a little shopping, stop in at local farm stands to sample their fresh food and handmade crafts, or simply explore the regional rivers, enjoy the rugged topography, and take in the beautiful colors and wildlife along the way.  Plan the route for your scenic drives after you book your room at our Wisconsin Vacation Rental.  

Scenic Drives in Wisconsin

Of the many beautiful roads and byways in Wisconsin, there are none perhaps more beautiful than Wisconsin’s Great River Road. Here, all you have to do is drive beside the soaring bluffs along Wisconsin’s only National Scenic Byway to know why the Driftless Area is so loved by everyone who discovers it. This drive flanks the majestic and magnificent Mississippi River for 250 miles, and winds its way through some of the regions most stunning and protected natural areas.  It is also an unbeatable destination for birdwatching in the fall, as a tremendous variety of waterfowl and other birds travel down the Mississippi Flyway towards their winter homes.  Another majestic place to spend the day is driving along Scenic Byway 60, also called Wisconsin’s Lower River Road.  Along this 100 mile stretch of road, you’ll admire the the sandbars of the Wisconsin River and the gently rolling hills and steep bluffs of the Driftless Area landscape.

Scenic Drives Driftless Area WisconsinOther popular and easily accessible scenic drives are the Rustic Roads, which were established by the state in 1973.  Two of these roads, which have been preserved by the state to maintain their charm and character, happen to be in the Driftless Area. These roads, Rustic Road 55 and Rustic Road 56, probably won’t take you an entire day and should not be missed.  Though only 2.8 miles long, Rustic Road 55 will take you along Tunnelville road in Vernon County, where you can take some time to explore Tunnelville Cliffs Natural Area.  Rustic Road 56 is slightly longer, and will take you through many scenes quintessential to the Driftless Area.  Not only will you enjoy the characteristic bluffs and valleys of Wildcat Mountain State Park, but you’ll see Amish Farms, log cabins, round barns, and examples of regional contour farming. As you can see, any of the scenic drives in the Driftless Area will reward you with majestic views.  All of this beauty and more is at your fingertips when you stay with us at our Wisconsin Vacation Rental.