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Find These Spring Wildflowers in the Driftless Area

Spring Wildflowers Driftless AreaThe Driftless Wisconsin Area is known for it’s unique and beautiful geography, characterized by steeply rising limestone bluffs and cold-water streams flowing through deeply cut valleys. In the thriving forests, prairies, wetlands, and grasslands of the Driftless Area, you’ll find a large number and variety of wildflowers and animals.  The springs months in the Driftless Area are particularly beautiful, as woodland spring wildflowers push their way up to the surface, laying a carpet of vibrant colors across the forest floor. Book your spring retreat with us today, and see life start anew this spring in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin.

Eye-Catching Spring Wildflowers

With over 100 acres to explore on our property and a dozen major parks and state natural areas nearby, the possibilities for enjoying the woodland varieties of spring wildflowers are limitless.  One of the best ways to enjoy nature’s show this spring is by getting outside to one of the many hiking trails in the Driftless Area.  Not only will you be rewarded by spring’s stunning beauty, but if you look closely enough you’ll also find an assortment of spring delicacies, including morel mushrooms, fiddlehead ferns, and ramps.  Bloodroot and Dutchman’s Britches are blooming on our property now, soon to be followed by Spring Beauty and Bellwort.  Among the 300+ varieties of wildflowers you could see are purple and yellow violets, wood anemone, pussytoes, trillium, Greek valerian, and many more.

Driftless Area Spring WildflowersThe beautiful state parks found in the Driftless Area offer visitors a unique vantage point from which to watch spring unfold at their feet.  Take a stroll through these beautiful areas, where you’ll find wildflowers blooming under the warm spring sun, soon to be blocked out by fully tree canopies.  We highly recommend the trails found at either Wildcat Mountain State Park, Wyalusing State Park, or the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.  The Hemlock Trail in Wildcat Mountain State Park has been listed as one of the top 10 wildflower walks in Wisconsin.  Along this route, you’ll find wild-ginger, showy orchids, declined trillium, and Virginia bluebells.  Choose your trail, grab an identification book, and see just how many beautiful varieties of spring wildflowers you come across on your trek through the Driftless Area.  Afterwards, stop by the Driftless Cafe in Viroqua, for the best meal you’ll have in the Driftless Area.  The food found here will be seasonally fresh, local, and delicious.  With prime spring wildflower viewing upon us, don’t hesitate to book your stay at our Driftless Area Vacation Rental today.