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Old Fashioned Fun at Driftless Area County Fairs

Driftless Area County FairsThere is something magical about the slower pace of life found in the Driftless Area.  Our unique region of Southwest Wisconsin, where the landscapes were left untouched by ice-age glaciers that otherwise flattened the Midwest, is undeniably beautiful.  From the forested hillsides teeming with wildlife to the steep limestone bluffs that plunge down to the cold-water streams along the valley floors, it’s easy to see why this area is so popular with tourists.  Whether you crave adventure in the outdoors, are looking to relax and rejuvenate away from the busy stress of modern life, or want to explore the quaint and historic region in another way, there is something for you to enjoy in the Driftless Area.  For a special throwback to simpler days gone by, join us this summer for one of our two exciting county fairs; the Crawford County Fair in August, and the Vernon County Fair in September.  There is no better way to discover this magical region than to book your stay at our Wisconsin Vacation Rental today.

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