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Explore the Diversity of Driftless Wisconsin

Driftless WisconsinWe mention time and time again how wonderful it is to spend time in the unique and beautiful region of Wisconsin that is called the Driftless Area, or Driftless Wisconsin, but we find that it’s something few people actually know much about.  The Driftless Area is a region like no other in the Upper Mississippi River Basin.  The unique geography of this region, where you’ll find deeply carved river valleys contrasted with steeply rising bluffs, was created as the last continental glacier melted 100,000 years ago, leaving it untouched by the glacial forces that shaped the remainder of the midwest.  Our Vacation Rental is located in Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin, nestled on 100 beautiful acres in the heart of Driftless Wisconsin.  Book a weekend with us today, and come explore the fascinating history and diverse landscapes of the Driftless Area.

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