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Top 5 Summer Activities in the Driftless Area

Summer Activities Driftless AreaThe Driftless Area of Wisconsin, otherwise known as the beautiful land in southwestern Wisconsin known for its dramatic bluffs and valleys, is the perfect place to spend some time this summer.  While all of Wisconsin has something to offer for resident and visitors alike, the Driftless Area is someplace special.  Here, you’ll find stunning river valleys criss-crossed by a multitude of streams, contrasted with steep forested bluffs and hillsides that were left untouched by the glacial forces of centuries past.  Here, there is a special peaceful beauty, ripe with opportunity for summer recreational activities and relaxation.  The most popular summer activities in the Driftless Area include hiking, biking fishing, bird watching, and canoeing down the rivers.  Book your room at our gorgeous Vacation Rental today, and take advantage of the incredible summer activities found in the Driftless Area.

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