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Come See How We Make Wisconsin Maple Syrup

Wisconsin Maple SyrupWinter may seem long and cold to most of us in the Midwest, but it always comes to an end.  One of the hallmark events that marks the transition from winter to spring in the Driftless Area is the tapping of the sugar maple trees, to produce some of the finest Wisconsin Maple Syrup.  We take great pride in the locally produced foods found here, and look forward to this tantalizing treat every year.  If you’ve never had the pleasure of seeing the sap harvest, now is a wonderful time to getaway to the Driftless Area.  Take a stroll through the woods, visit our neighbors, see how many taps you can spot in the area, and wake up to a delicious breakfast featuring some of the finest Wisconsin Maple Syrup we have to offer, all when you stay at our beautiful Vacation Rental in the heart of the Driftless Area.

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Last Chance Winter Getaway in the Driftless Area

Every winter in Wisconsin feels like it will never end. Rest assured though that Spring always shows up, and the chance to partake in the wonderful winter recreational opportunities in the Driftless Area will be lost for another year!  When milder temperatures are finally in the forecast, your opportunities for snowmobiling, skiing, and snowshoeing throughout Wisconsin quickly come to an end.  Late winter/early spring is also the time of year where sugar maple trees are tapped, and wonderfully rich Wisconsin maple syrups are produced.  Stay with us at our Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin Vacation Rental, where you can experience a Driftless Area winter getaway filled with plenty of charm and adventure.

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