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Late Summer Trout Fishing in Driftless Wisconsin

Driftless Wisconsin Trout FishingLocated in the western and southwestern portion of the state, the Driftless Area, characterized by its rugged topography and coldwater streams, is the perfect place to spend your final days of the trout fishing season. Though Trout fishing started early, there is still plenty of time and cold water left to be fished in the Driftless Area. Here, you’ll find yourself in one of the most picturesque fishing locales in the midwest, making Driftless Wisconsin your perfect fishing destination before trout fishing ends in late September.  Book your room at our quiet Vacation Rental, which is located in the beautiful Kickapoo Valley.  Our quiet corner of the world is the perfect place to getaway from everyday life, to relax, and to access some of the regions best trout fishing streams.

Trout Fishing in Driftless Wisconsin

The Driftless Area is known for its elaborate network of world-class, clear, cold limestone creeks, and big trout populations. Beautiful streams can be found everywhere here, and their cold waters provide the best quality habitat for trout, which is what makes the fishing here so outstanding. Most of the fishable waters in Driftless Wisconsin are public, or at the least are accessible by the conservation easement partnerships between private land owners and the Wisconsin’s department of natural resources. Because of this, the possibilities of finding a great spot are virtually limitless. In the Driftless Area, you have the choice of fishing alone, or of using one of the highly qualified regional guides in the area, who often have access to the best spots and less populated private lands. We suggest teaming with the professional guides at Driftless Angler Fly Shop, so you have the successful fishing trip you’re dreaming of.

Trout Fishing Driftless WisconsinVernon County in the Driftless Area alone boasts 65 classified trout streams, which equates to about 250 miles of fishable trout water, and includes the Class I streams of Timber Coulee and West Fork of the Kickapoo River. During the late summer and into fall, it’s best to spend early mornings or late afternoons on the water, when fish activity is at its highest.  These days, you’ll find the brown trout congregating in local headwaters, as they get ready to spawn.  Book your room at our picturesque Vacation Rental in the Driftless Area today, and be sure to talk to us about your fishing plans.  We’ll be happy to share our favorite spots and tips with you, to help make the most of your trout fishing experience.