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It’s Trout Fishing Seasons Once Again

Driftless Area Trout FishingEven though Wisconsin has a long and variable fishing season for a variety of species, some of which last the entire year, there is nothing quite like the celebrated trout fishing season along the many streams and rivers in the Driftless Region of Wisconsin.  With spring always just around the corner, it’s always time to start enjoying some warmer weather, some new flower blossoms peeking out of the ground, and plenty of fish in the streams.  Wisconsin has a long trout fishing history, and features more than 10,000 miles of trout streams, creeks, and rivers.  Statewide, you won’t find any better trout fishing waters than those in the Driftless Area.  If you are a true Wisconsin trout fishing enthusiast, then don’t miss your chance to fish at the start of this year’s trout fishing season.  Book your room at our peaceful Vacation Rental now, and get ready for a peaceful day on Driftless Wisconsin’s rivers and streams.

Driftless Area Trout Fishing

The Driftless Area is known for its cold-water trout streams.  Here, you’ll find the Class I streams that have the type of fast and cold-moving waters that are needed to sustain large populations of brown, rainbow, and brook trout.  Our favorite local creek is Tainter Creek, which takes a beautiful journey through woodlands and farm fields as it winds its 12-15 mile course to the Kickapoo River.  While the upper reaches of Tainter Creek are unimproved, the lower 5-6 miles of water offer plenty of open shoreline for fishing.  Other popular fishing destinations in the area include Timber Coulee Creek  or the  West Fork of the Kickapoo River, both of which have undergone extensive habitat restoration for the health and continued longevity of their local trout populations.  You can also find plenty of anglers in the lower Wisconsin River, and there are a lot of other game fish in the main river as well.

Driftless Area trout fishingIf you’re new to trout fishing, or fishing in the Driftless Area itself, then we recommend you hire a fishing guide for the duration of your fishing trip.  Not only are our local guides incredibly knowledgeable about the ins and outs of local trout fishing, but they also know all the best spots, and often have access to private land that would otherwise be inaccessible to you.  The Driftless Angler is a full service fly shop located on the historic main street in Viroqua, Wisconsin, where you can find all of the gear you need, wonderful information on local waters, as well as local guides that can help you have the fishing experience of a lifetime.  Other reputable guides in the region are Silver Doctor Fly Fishing, and Spring Creek Specialties.  You don’t need to wait for late spring to take advantage of Wisconsin trout fishing.  The early catch and release trout fishing season is underway January through April.  Book your room at our wonderful Vacation Rental now, and start making your list of streams and rivers you’d like to fish.