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Visit The Best of Wisconsin’s Amish Country

Many visitors to the state of Wisconsin, and the Driftless Area in particular, are here to discover and enjoy life at the slower, quieter pace that is inevitably found here.  For most, this enjoyment comes from hiking through the wooded hills, biking leisurely along the country roads, viewing wildlife in and around wildlife sanctuaries, or simply soaking up the culture in the small farms and towns that dot the region.  Another wonderful way to spend a quiet day in the country is to visit the many Amish farms found in the region, where you can find exquisite hand-made Amish goods.  Stay at our Wisconsin Vacation Rental, situated in the heart of the Driftless Area, and you’ll be conveniently located near our region’s Amish settlements.

Discover local Amish Country

With around 15,000 people, Wisconsin’s population of Amish families is the fourth largest in North America.  These wonderful communities are known for their simple living, plain dress, and resistance to modern technology.  The quality and craftsmanship of Amish goods is legendary, and reaches into areas such as wood working, furniture making, quilt making, basket weaving, baking and candy making.  Many Amish-made goods can be found at the farmers markets in either Viroqua or Ferryville, but we think the better way to experience this part of the Driftless Area heritage is to drive the back roads looking for the simple hand-lettered signs, announcing family specialties and Amish-goods for sale.

Cashton is home to the largest Amish settlement in Wisconsin, and experiencing this once-traditional lifestyle has become a big source of regional tourism.  Don’t miss a stop at the Old Country Cheese factory, owned and operated by the Amish.  While in Cashton, you should also stop by Down A Country Road, a collection of shops devoted to selling Amish goods and educating visitors on the Amish way of life.  You can even book a tour of Amish Country with their incredibly knowledgeable staff.  With so many ways to spend your time in the Driftless Area, we know you’ll want to come back to our Wisconsin Vacation Rental time and again to continue exploring the unique ways of life found here.  We look forward to your stay.