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Have fun in the Driftless Area This Winter

Driftless AreaThe lure of a warm, crackling fireplace is enticing for just about everyone during the cold months.  For many, the perfect winter evening involves a good book or quiet conversation with loved ones, curled cozily in front of the fireplace.  While you’ll find plenty of time to relax and unwind while here, there is more to a winter in Driftless Wisconsin than cozy fireside evenings. Luckily, Wisconsin’s beautiful Driftless Area is just as fun when there’s a thick white layer of snow on the ground as when the sun is shining brightly overhead.  Book your stay with us now, and experience the many varieties of fun found in the Driftless Area.

Driftless Area Winter Recreation

Fun in the Driftless Area is just as plentiful during this time of year as it is during the peak of summer.  Hiking certainly doesn’t have to stop when the snow starts to fall.  Simply strap on a pair or snowshoes or cross-country skis, and explore the trails as you’ve never seen them before.  Showshoer’s are always allowed at the Kickapoo Valley Reserve, and allowed to snowshoe anywhere on the Reserve except designated cross-country ski and snowmobile trails. The ice-caves here are a spectacular sight to behold, and should not be missed.  There are also 10 miles of cross-country ski trails in the Reserve, and a portion of Wisconsin’s snowmobile trail system winds its way through the Kickapoo Valley Reserve.  At Wildcat Mountain State Park, you’ll find 17 miles of trails open for snowshoers, and approximately 7 for skiers.  If you’ve always wanted to try snowmobiling, then join the thousands of registered snowmobiles as they hit Wisconsin’s 25,000 miles of groomed trails in the winter.

Driftless AreaYou don’t have to be an adventure enthusiast to enjoy the outdoors this winter in the Driftless Area.  One of our most legendary winter residents, the Bald Eagle, delights bird-watchers and nature enthusiasts throughout the winter.  The best viewing of these magnificent animals occurs when most of the Mississippi is frozen, and only small areas, often downstream of dams, remain open. Here, you’ll find these birds perched in trees, gathering for the fine winter fishing opportunities.  Patience will be rewarded by the majesty of these beautiful birds as they swoop down for an afternoon lunch on the river.  It is definitely one of the most rewarding experiences during the winter months in the Driftless Area.  Don’t miss your chance now, and book your room at the Lonesome Hollow Homestead this winter.